Happy New 2017, and a movie.

We wish all our readers a very happy new 2017. During 2016, we had no less than 2434 visitors.

2017 will be a year full of activity in our seaweed resarch on bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) in the Baltic Sea. We hope to share lots of our exciting experiments and resluts with both old and new readers.

As winter seems to finally have decided to arrive in full here in Sweden, we treat you to a film showing the marine life at the Swedish west coast. Diver Edvin Thörnholm filmed all this material during one year in the Gullmar Fjord. The movie consists of material from 150 dives, showing the marine life at different depths and types of substrate in the fjord.

With this movie, Edvin wants to share the beauty of the underwater world and show how it varies with both season and time of day. The speaker voice is in Swedish, but if you see something and wish to know what it is, just mail us and state at what time in the film the organism is shown, and we’ll get back to you with a name in Latin and English. Enjoy!

The Gullmar fjord is the only threshold fjord in Sweden and by many regarded as the best dive site for marine biology. The local divecenter in the town Lysekil, DiveTeam, has many skilled marine biologists in their staff for those who whish for a guided “veggie-dive”.


4 thoughts on “Happy New 2017, and a movie.

  1. Happy New Year 2017. Absolutely marvellous movie and makes me wonder what is lying under the sea near our house Fiskarudden Fågelvik. One negative point. When I am in the wonderful Swedish nature, the worst I could imagine is someone playing music or even a distant airplane background drone spoiling the silence. In movies, noise is especially bad when it occurs at the same time as someone speaking therefore interfering with communication, a sad fashion. Very sincerely, Alan

    ALAN TYE ARCHITECT ROYAL DESIGNER Senior Member Royal Institute of British Architects Honorary Fellow and member of the Court, Royal College of Art private contact The Red House Great West Plantation Tring Hertfordshire HP23 6DA ENGLAND Tel +44 (0)1442 82 33 25 alan@tyedesign.co.uk


    • Dear Alan. I could not agree more. The thing I find most relaxing about diving is the silence offered in the world below. Nothing is worse, then, but som dratted water scooter or other noisy engine disturbing my floating peace. I will forward your opinion to Edvin, who is keen on feedback. All the best, Ellen

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