Global interest in Baltic seaweed

Since we launched Tångbloggen, our original Swedish blog about seaweed in the Baltic Sea, we have had over 4000 visitors from 33 different countries around the world.
It is wonderful that there is a global interest in the seaweeds of the Baltic Sea! In order to get a better overview of this interest, we took a picture of the total number of visitors per country today(2nd April 2013).

Dessa länder har besökt Tångbloggen fram till idag (2013-04-02)

These countries have visited Tångbloggen up until today (2nd April 2013)

To further spread the interest and knowledge of the Baltic Sea seaweeds, we are now heading for Bali to participate in the 21st International Seaweed Symposium.

We will of course blog live from the conference so that our followers can get the latest in seaweed research served piping hot, both here and on Tångbloggen (in Swedish).

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